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Keweenaw Wild Ones hosting plant sale

Find the perfect fit for that hole in your garden thanks to the local Wild Ones chapter. Their native plant sale is running this week, with the opportunity to buy at their website and pick up some new flora over the weekend.

President Marcia Goodrich says pollinator plants are at the top of mind these days, and a little milkweed in your yard could provide a huge benefit for the entire area.

So bees, the beneficial wasps that will help keep the problem insects out of your garden, butterflies. There’s actually some native flies…

Don’t worry, Goodrich says you aren’t aiding the horseflies, which she says are more interested in drawing blood on you than they are in gathering nectar from plants.

Goodrich characterizes this time of year as rather busy, to no surprise. Founding members of the Keweenaw chapter of Wild Ones mostly hailed from Hancock, and the group is still attached closely to the city’s beautification committee. Recent work has been at the beach with some new plants on the bioswale.

Goodrich says using native plants on your property means less maintenance throughout the year.

Native plants, once they are established, if you’ve planted them in the right place, require virtually no care at all. But for the first few weeks of their life, they’re just like any other garden variety plant. They need to be tended.

The group is setting up a tour of Michigan Tech’s campus for alumni weekend.

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