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Koppers brings life-saving CPR machine to area

Koppers’ Hubbell location spearheaded a nearly $20,000 donation to Mercy EMS that will help save lives. The LUCAS chest compression machine, first designed in Sweden, has been rapidly adopted by EMS personnel throughout the world. Mercy’s Patrick Boberg says the equipment has been in use for over a month and a half, being utilized on at least two different occasions.

The LUCAS machine resembles a plunger almost, with two stabilizing bars connecting to either side of a back plate. It performs perfectly executed compressions that help ensure the patient avoids a fractured sternum or broken ribs, both of which are common results from human-executed CPR.

Boberg says having the LUCAS available is the equivalent of adding an extra man to the crew.

We’ll be out in areas where it’s just the two of us on an ambulance. Say the paramedic riding into the hospital has to do chest compressions, ventilations, getting an IV started, emergency medication, and every time you’re stopping compressions to do one of these other tasks, you’re losing good CPR.

Koppers Manager Troy Vandiver says this donation is a special one because its benefit to the community is so obvious.

Especially this piece of equipment that could be used on any one of our employees, any one of our family members, anybody in the community as a whole…to know that we were able to support that.

Koppers Hubbell has a long history of philanthropic activities and Vandiver says that will continue. Most causes are brought to the company’s attention by its employees. The size of this donation required assistance from the company’s global headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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