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LaBine Picked for One More Year as Mayor of Hancock

Same seats, and new roles. Current mayor Paul LaBine will remain in his position. He was nominated by council member Ron Blau for a one year term. His re-election to the seat of mayor was voted unanimously among the council.

Outgoing Mayor Pro Tem John Haeussler nominated Kurt Rickard to the role of Pro Tem for one year. When asked about further nominations, council member Will Lytle nominated council member Whitney Warstler to Pro Tem. LaBine then asked for clarification on procedure, when Haeussler jumped in to confirm his thoughts.

So according to our procedure, I believe we vote in order of nomination, is that correct John?” – Mayor Paul LaBine “That’s correct Mayor, I’m looking at right now just in case we needed it up” – John Haeussler

Rickard was unanimously elected to Mayor Pro Tem by the council. Canceling out the nomination for council member Warstler. Hancock’s voting process goes by the first nomination, and if a vote is unanimous the other nominations are  canceled out. The final administrative item was to finalize the seating arrangement among the council.  

City Manager Mary Babcock announced the start for Laura O’Donnell who will be working in the city office. She also announced John Ericson has taken over the role of DPW Director. He started the position on Monday. Ericson was in attendance at council and was welcomed aboard by Mayor LaBine. Babcock said that it’ll be nice to be fully staffed again.

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