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Lake State releases annual banned words list

New Year’s means it is time to take stock of your common vocabulary. Lake Superior State University has a list of ten words or phrases you should cut out of everyday conversation.

Without further ado (which almost assuredly was on a list at some point) here are this year’s linguistic no-no’s.

  • Wait, what?
  • No worries
  • At the end of the day
  • That being said
  • Asking for a friend
  • Circle back
  • Deep dive
  • New normal
  • You’re on mute
  • Supply chain

Entries are submitted to the university throughout the year. You can get a full explanation for why each phrase is included by checking here. This year’s words are used conversationally, through text and social media messaging, and to describe how life has changed due to the pandemic. They were chosen to represent the full spectrum of social interactions people have daily.

LSSU has been issuing the list since 1976 as a sarcastic safeguard against what it calls “misuse, overuse, and uselessness.” Together with unicorn hunts, the banned words list is one of the ways the small school in Sault Ste. Marie enters the national conversation each year.

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