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Laser Lights, Dancing and More Fun Before the End of Summer

Summer sure has flown by. With plenty of fun early on in their area, and plenty of visitors coming to the Keweenaw; it’s about time local Keweenaw residents get a day of celebration. Tomorrow Hancock will bring to the Copper Country communities its first End–of–Summer celebration.

“Which is celebrating our summer, our summer tourism. And most of the tourists are gone. But of course, we want all those who are in the Copper Country on that day, September 9th, to come on down to Hancock.” – Todd Gast, DDA Coordinator, City of Hancock

Throughout the day there are plenty of great game tournaments to spectate or participate in. Hancock DDA coordinator Todd Gast says they were even able to finalize details for a ball drop activity at Quincy Green.

“There will be hundreds of ping-pong balls dropped that have prizes associated with each ping-pong ball. And that is brought to us by the HPBA, the Hancock Professional and Business Association.” – Todd Gast, DDA Coordinator, City of Hancock

Later in the evening, Hancock will have a laser light show at the Quincy Green. Gast says that the city considered fireworks. But thought bringing the community something new would be fun for everyone.

When we have all of our entertainment, and all of our people in the center of town we really could guarantee anybody would see those fireworks. And we want to keep everyone contained because we are going to have the street dance going from six until ten. We thought Well this is a great idea. This is something that has not been here before. And it’s going to be a awesome show.” – Todd Gast, DDA Coordinator, City of Hancock

The End of Summer celebration in Hancock begins at 10 a.m., with games, vendors, bouncy houses, and tons of fun. Later in the day residents will begin to dance the night away with Diversion. The laser light show to close out Hancock’s summer will begin at 10 p.m.

Find the End of Summer Celebration Schedule here

More details for each event during the festival can be found on the City of Hancock’s Facebook page.

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