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Last Day to Register For Back 9 Endurance Run Taking Place This Weekend

This weekend is set to be a memorable one for outdoor enthusiasts and town goers alike.

Besides the multiple group rides and Enduro races hosted by the Copper Harbor Trails Club and the first From the Ground Farmers Market Festival, there is also a challenge for runners.

The Back 9 Endurance Run is happening for the third year in a row.  

“So the Back 9 Endurance Run is a unique run in that it isn’t a challenge against other people. It’s not a race per say, where you’re running to have a better time or a better distance than anybody else, it’s more of a challenge against yourself. So what we mean by that is there is a loop on the premises [that] we have designated as the Back 9 Loop, and it’s about 3.5 miles in length. What we offer is a 12 hour or 24 hour run, where people can run the loop as many times as they possibly can in that amount of time. And we encourage people to come back every year and try to beat their own [record]” – Amy Bory, Back Nine Endurance Run Race Director

The run is at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge on a nature trail.

Runners need to bring sleeping gear, headlamps with a red light setting, and various clothing for a change in weather.

There will be rest areas, and food will be provided.

Today is the last day for registration.

Find more information in our previous article here or on the Back 9 Endurance Run website.

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