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Learn About Michigan and the Copper Country’s History of Trains, Starting Today

The Copper Range Depot was the former stop for many trains coming through Houghton, and today is home to a restaurant with a rail theme. This weekend the Copper Range Depot will have train experts and historians give lectures on various rail related topics in Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. The first lecture starts this afternoon at 4 pm with Bill Sproule, on the history of trains in the Copper Country.

They have the 1225, which is their flagship train, that they do several runs a year with. Most people know it as the Christmas Train, the 1225 Polar Express. Bruce Copper and their Executive Director, Dean Pyers, will be here. And they’re doing four lectures between Friday and Saturday. – Trisha Narhi, Co-Owner, Copper Range Depot Family Restaurant

One particularly exciting session during the weekend, will be at 5 pm on Saturday, and details train robberies in Michigan. The lecture series will be held in the backroom at the depot, and can seat around 45 people at a time. Tickets for the lecture series are eight dollars at the door. The Copper Range Depot Family Restaurant is located at 301 W. Lakeshore Drive.

4 pm, Today (8/4) – The Copper Country Rail Road

2 pm Friday (8/5) – Michigan’s Polar Express; The Pere Marquette 1225

5 pm Friday (8/5) – The Chicago NW 175

1 pm Saturday (8/6) – The Chicago NW 175

5 pm Saturday (8/6) – Train Robberies in Michigan

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