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Learn how to make homemade sauerkraut

He will be giving a free presentation through Grow From The Heart at Hancock’s Porvoo Park on Wednesday, July 14th at 4 PM. For two hours, Lanese will teach you about the fermentation process, and how to add a bit of crunch to go with the perfect presentation for your side.

Lanese explains the aim of Grow From The Heart.

Our goal is to try and connect growers with land and seeds and knowledge, and then also to connect people with fresh, local, and nourishing foods.

This will be his first sauerkraut skill share. Cabbage and a bowl are required, but extra jars, a cutting board, and other vegetables, particularly the root variety, are recommended. Lanese says the intangibles play a big part in making great kraut.

So, for me I like to add root vegetables. They seem to pickle well, and they add a nice crunch. Cutting up some carrots and some beets to add in adds some nice color, and some extra flavor. I like to make a rainbow mash of sauerkraut when I do it. You can also just do cabbage and salt, and make it simple.

The canning process can take a few days to a few weeks depending on personal preference. You must take the lid off the jar once a day to allow gas that builds up due to fermentation to escape, or you risk having it explode from the pressure.

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