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Learn How to Play Pickleball at Laurn-Grove Park

If you’ve played tennis or badminton you already know some of the basics to one of America’s newest and fastest growing sports. Pickleball has grown dramatically in popularity in recent years, and has been compared to similar types of sports like tennis. Pickle ball does offer it’s own challenges though. Often likened to a slower but more strategic game, pickle ball courts are a similar size as tennis. And players trade their rackets in for a paddle. Some basic rules for pickle ball are the ball must stay in bounds and bounce just once on each side before being returned on a volley. Additionally points can be scored if the opponent lands a serve in a no volley zone, known as the kitchen close to the net on each side of the court. Hancock’s pickle ball courts were finished a few weeks back, and this week official pickleball classes are taking place. Stop by Laurn-Grove Park at 6 pm this Thursday to learn all about the country fastest growing sport. Paddles are available but equipment is limited, you are asked to please wear a pair of comfortable sneakers.

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