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Levin remembered for his contributions to Copper Country

United States Senator Carl Levin passed away Thursday. Reverend Robert Langseth has warm memories of Michigan’s longest-serving senator. Langseth and Levin worked together on the foundation of the Keweenaw National Historical Park centered in Calumet, Michigan as well as efforts around the world.

Langseth talks about his USAID work in Tanzania, an East African country, and how that became a model elsewhere.

USAID on their 30th anniversary used our model as their front page on their newsletter.

Bells are set to toll at St. Anne’s Church in Calumet Friday afternoon at 1:00 PM. The site also bears a large plaque on its exterior noting Levin’s profound role in the park’s formation. Langseth says there were several times where he didn’t know if the National Park Service was going to accept the site into its portfolio.

He remembers when he heard the good news. It became the source of how Langseth and Levin would say goodbye to each other from then on.

[When I heard] I phoned Levin and said, “Hold the phone away from your ear senator, this Norwegian has a war hoop to yell. YAHOO!” The name for God in the Jewish religion [Levin belongs to the faith] is Yahweh. [He replied] “No Bob, it’s Yahweh!” So ever since then, when we close off we would yell, ” Yahoo for Yahweh!”

Langseth says he will remember Levin for his absolute integrity. He once failed to accept a roll of stamps from Langseth’s wife solely due to a potential appearance of impropriety.

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