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Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist in town

The state’s number two politician visited Houghton Friday morning touting technology, something the area has in abundance. Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist is in the middle of a 24-location tour, titled “Thriving Cities.” Gilchrist says his presentation is more comprehensive than some of his prior stops in the region.

We’ll be talking about what it means to have affordable housing in the community, talking about how in the state budget we secured child care for 105,000 additional families. So that people could, not only get back to their full economic life, but the kids and our earliest learners are better supported and cared for. – Lt. Governor Gilchrist

Gilchrist was asked about inflation and said that it obviously changes the calculus for a lot of potential startups by increasing the return on investment needed to get ahead. He says that in such a climate, it needs to be as easy as possible to turn an idea into a thriving enterprise.

I’m thinking a lot about access to capital and making sure that we can encourage more people to become angel investors in the state of Michigan. Can we de-risk those investments? We have a venture capitol market that’s able to capitalize and scale great technology that can be commercialized coming from Michigan Tech University. – Lt. governor Gilchrist

Gilchrist is a former entrepreneur himself and he understands how difficult it can be, but he also knows the rewards involved when a startup becomes a commercial success.

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