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Lift Bridge Alerts Up and Running on Twitter

As summer begins in the Copper Country, comes an increase in activity on the roads. Especially by those traveling north through Hancock, Calumet or up to Keweenaw County. Everyone in the area can understand the frustration of getting stuck at the bridge while ships or construction require it to go up. Well, a couple from Fort Collins, Colorado, have developed a notification system that will alert drivers that the bridge is going up and coming back down.

I think it’s interesting, the idea of train alert, which is kinda of the seed that led to Bridge alert come to be. It’s a funny story, there was an article in our paper about how difficult it was to manage traffic in our town because of the trains that were coming through. – Kathy Haselmaier, Lift Bridge Alert

Kathy attended Michigan tech for school, before meeting her husband Jim Haselmaier. And the couple have kept in contact with friends who stayed in the area or moved back. Noticing that some friends would post every so often on social media, that the bridge was up.

My wife and I we kinda joke about how similar it is to the Train Alert we developed here in Fort Collins. So I started looking at ways we could get views of the bridge, and we knew MTU has a live webcam. And so I wrote a program that looks at those pictures, and based on those changes, the program can decide whether those changes mean there’s a change in the bridge status. – Jim Haselmaier, Lift Bridge Alert

Lift Bridge alert can be found on twitter right now, and the notification system is fully live. There may be some adjustments made over the next few weeks. If you are interested in knowing when the bridge is up, or are looking for some tips on navigating the bridge, check them out on twitter at liftbridgealert.

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