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Little Brothers searching for drivers

Christmas is Saturday and that means another holiday meal delivery for Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly throughout the Keweenaw. Program Director Sarah Hoffman says the organization is still accepting registrations from those who would like a dinner. The Houghton location is filled, but Hoffman says there are ways to make arrangements through their other sites to fulfill any extra orders that come in, so you should not be discouraged from setting up a delivery.

Hoffman says Christmas dinner is similar to Thanksgiving, with a couple of noticeable changes to the menu.

Instead of a beet salad they get cottage cheese and a fruit. And instead of a little treat basket they get some Christmas cookies.

Staffing is also in generally good shape. Help is needed in the dining room and the kitchen in Calumet. All meals are delivered this year due to COVID, but packing the food is still done in the dining hall. Drivers are the greatest shortage as of Monday morning.

Meal delivery drivers, we still need quite a few in many locations, but especially Ontonagon and Baraga.

Hoffman says that once Christmas comes and goes, things slow down for the office. Visitation and firewood programs are still ongoing throughout the winter.

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