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Local Families Against Narcotics chapter starting

Judge Linda Davis has been a distinguished guest this week throughout the Copper Country. She spoke in Baraga Monday, Hancock on Tuesday, and was at a panel on addiction in Houghton Wednesday. The whirlwind tour is in support of a new Families Against Narcotics chapter that is starting locally.

Davis is a former judge who became intimately involved with the opioid crisis when her daughter developed an addiction to painkillers following a sports-related surgery. She thought it was only a Macomb County problem, but research soon revealed a much larger scope. Davis’ thinking on the matter did a dramatic shift.

I thought it was a moral failing. I had no idea it was a disease and that once you start using substances, if you are predisposed to it, that your brain gets rewired and you no longer have control over your use.

From that idea, Families Against Narcotics was born. It now boasts chapters across the State of Michigan. Davis says she trusts Gail Ploe to do a great job with the Copper Country organization, and gives an example of local autonomy that has helped make a connection elsewhere.

We also like creativity in each one of our groups. A perfect example is our Washtenaw group started yoga for recovery. That’s not something we do at Fan Central, but it’s something we would like to start statewide.

Ploe says that step one is to embrace as many people as possible to help in the effort.

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