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Local High Schooler Spoke On LGBTQ+ Acceptance In D.C.

Young voices are thought by many to be a driving force behind pushes for hot button topics, and last week, a local young voice traveled to Washington D.C. to deliver a speech at a summit.

Houghton high schooler Ian Evans joined other high schoolers from around the nation at the Mikva Challenge National Summit. He presented his speech to not only the 300 people in the audience, but also to those who were watching over the livestream.

He also presented ideas and his speech to members on Capitol Hill.

His speech reflected his own experiences living as an LGBTQ youth in Houghton.

Using published research from multiple entities, he made a call to action for gen-Z to initiate a cultural shift to accept the LGBTQ community nation-wide.

His speech claimed that he shouldn’t have to wonder if his friends are going to commit suicide, or of he or his friends would ever be attacked or murdered because of who they are.

During an interview, Evans stated that he’s confident with his identity, and decided to use the opportunity as a platform to call attention to the issue and demand action from lawmakers and the public.

He said he enjoyed his time there, and received support from a member he presented his ideas to on capitol hill.

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