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Local paving happening in Houghton

Bacco Construction of Iron Mountain has already begun paving the segments of road covered in Houghton’s local streets project. Originally the plan was for milling to take place roughly three weeks prior to resurfacing. Manager Eric Waara says that milling requires specialized equipment, so all stretches impacted were done consecutively in the matter of days.

Barely a week later, the second phase of the work is being done. By Friday it is expected to be complete. Paving can be finished quickly. Property owners on affected roads need to wait about 30 minutes after crews have passed your driveway before using the street again. Cumulatively, over a mile is being resurfaced.

A list of roads affected is below.

  • Sherwood Drive (Spruce to Middle Point)
  • W Lakeshore Drive (M26 to Lakeshore Circle)
  • 6th Street (M26 to South, Edwards to Calverley)
  • 4th Street (Baraga to Jacker)
  • W Jacker Avenue (Military to 2nd)
  • 1st Street
  • Powerhouse Drive
  • Pewabic Street (South Ave to 7th)
  • 7th Avenue (Dodge to Portage)
  • 8th Avenue (Copper to 1201)
  • 7th Avenue (Garnet to MacInnes)
  • Alley between Clark Street & Hubbell Street
  • Sandpiper Drive (both entrances from US 41 to running trail crossing)
  • Sharon Avenue (Razorback to Madeline)

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