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Local reaction to the Secure MI Vote initiative

The heads of the local chapters for each political party were on Copper Country Today this weekend discussing the Secure MI Vote initiative. Dr. William Keith of the Houghton County Democratic Party says he feels the petition drive is more about rallying the GOP base behind a meritless theory, rather than a good faith effort to have Michigan residents support substantive election security measures.

I don’t really think the purpose of the whole process has legislation as an endgame here. That might be a byproduct of all the efforts going into this, but to be honest, I think that this petition is just about having more opportunities to press “the big lie.”

Keith says that encouraging the maximum level of civic participation is paramount. He stood behind Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s move to send out absentee ballot applications to all registered voters.

If you have county clerks doing things like sending out absentee ballots, or absentee ballot applications, excuse me, then that’s making the vote more available. Possibly to people who may have had difficulty connecting with that process in the past.

Dan Holcomb of the Copper Country Republican Party says he thinks most of the measures proposed in Lansing, and rejected by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, are common sense ideas supported by a majority of voters.

When it comes to voter laws and voter ID, the Monmouth poll has the national average around 80%. Pew Research is around 76% requiring everyone to show some form of legit ID to cast a ballot, because you can’t even get a vaccine if you don’t have an adequate ID.

He says there can be lessons learned from efforts to audit the election in Arizona and Wisconsin, but Secure MI Vote does not establish an enforcement apparatus to examine fraud claims.

It doesn’t have any provisions to allow any kind of forensic investigation.

The full Copper Country Today episode can be listened to here.

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