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Markkanen Wants to Get Started Again on Energy Bill

Back in February 110th District Representative Greg Markkanen introduced legislation that plans to lift the cap on energy distribution by residents using solar power generation. House Bill 4236 looks to amend sections of 2008’s Public Act 295. Markkanen says that his bill will open up opportunities for those that already produce solar energy and encourage others with lifting the cap on the amount of energy produced and transferred to power transmitter lines.

It allows them to put roof-top solar on their homes. You know, they can use either a storage facility, or battery, which are improving everyday. If we lift the cap on distributed generation. They’ll be able to sell energy back, to whether its UPPCO or a rural co-op. – Rep. Greg Markkanen

Markkanen says that the bill has been stuck in committee during the past number of months. Though he has heard excitement from both sides of the aisle regarding taking back resident control of energy generation. He says that the most important thing now is getting the attention of Energy Committee Chairman Joseph Bellino.

If you want to have that option we have to put pressure on utilities and Chairman Bellino of the Energy committee to give us a vote on this bill. The governor’s office has called a number of times to check in on the status of the bill. So I am very encouraged and I need the people’s help to encourage the chairman.

Markkanen’s bill waits on deck until that day comes. Though after talking with representatives and leaders from both parties he feels that day will be sooner rather than later for the legislation to lift the energy distribution cap for Michigan solar powered residents. Markkanen anticipates the bill will be discussed by committee sometime in December or early next year.

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