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Michigan’s first gentleman tests positive for COVID-19

Marc Mallory, husband of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, has tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement released late Tuesday, Press Secretary Bobby Leddy says, “After the positive test, Governor Whitmer took a rapid test, which came back negative, and is awaiting the results of a PCR test out of an abundance of caution. Like so many families around the country, the governor and her husband took extra precautions to limit contact with others to stay safe over the holidays as they celebrated Christmas with their immediate family members in Michigan. Thankfully, the entire family is fully vaccinated and boosted, so the governor has not tested positive and is not experiencing symptoms. Until the PCR test comes back, the governor is isolating in a separate area of the house.”

Michigan is now registering over 12,000 cases per day, a pandemic high. It is mostly concentrated in the southern half of the Lower Peninsula, including population centers like Lansing, Grand Rapids, Metro Detroit, Flint, and more. Keweenaw Report reached out to Michigan Tech to see if there were efforts to track student cases while they were away on break, residing in current hot spots. The university says they do not keep tabs on student health when they are out of the area. Tech says the possibility of students returning to the Copper Country with omicron is a concern, but that has been the case with each wave of the pandemic.

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