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Narcan distribution event on August 31st

The local chapter for UP Communities That Care will be participating in a free Narcan distribution event. The medicine is used primarily as a means to halt the effects from a narcotic overdose, particularly opioids and heroin. It comes in the form of a nasal spray. For Houghton and Keweeenaw Counties, the event is scheduled for the Western UP Health Department location at 540 Depot Street in Hancock on August 31st between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

The Communities That Care organization says Narcan is a responsible thing to have in the house for a multitude of situations. Anyone that has been prescribed opioids as a painkiller following a medical procedure or as part of a treatment regimen should have Narcan easily available. It is effective in instances of accidental overdose or in reversing a potentially fatal consequence from addiction.

Also being distributed are kits which can help with the disposal of prescription drugs. The full release is below.


August is Overdose Awareness Month, with August 31 dedicated as International Overdose Awareness Day. As part of these efforts, Communities That Care (CTC) coalitions across the UP are participating in free Narcan distribution. Narcan is a nasal spray used to reverse the effects of opioid overdose.

“Every life matters,” said Meghann Wolvert, Mackinac County CTC Coordinator. “Our CTCs want to make sure that every member of our community has access to this life-saving tool.”
People with a prescription for any opioid drug should keep Narcan on hand in case they accidentally overdose, or in case someone else accesses their medication and has an overdose. It’s important that friends and family know how to use the Narcan if needed. For people who are using heroin or other opioids, Narcan is considered “harm reduction.”

Harm reduction recognizes that “drug users” are people with a disease who may not be able to stop using drugs. The goal is to reduce the negative impacts of drug use on the individual and community, such as limiting the spread of disease with syringe exchange. Research has found that people who are provided with harm reduction tools are more likely to eventually seek treatment. The sad truth is, there’s no way to help someone once they’re dead – consider making Narcan part of your safety plan in case of an overdose.

In addition to Narcan, the CTCs will be giving out prescription drug deactivation kits donated by the AmerisourceBergen Foundation to encourage safe disposal of prescriptions. There will also be a variety of resources from partners including Dial Help and Beyond the Save. You can find dates and times for Narcan distribution in your area at www.upctc.com.

Reach out to Dial Help 24/7 for crisis and addiction support by calling 800-562-7622, texting 906-356-3337, or chatting online at www.dialhelp.org. Professionals can find resources from Beyond the Save at www.beyondthesave.org. Information about the AmerisourceBergen Foundation can be found at www.amerisourcebergen.com/foundation. CTCs in the UP are funded by NorthCare Network, www.northcarenetwork.org, with Narcan provided by MDHHS.

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