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New app adds a soundtrack to your hike

Walking on the waterfront trail through Houghton or the Quincy Mine grounds has never sounded better.

The Listen at Michigan Tech app features compositions from Adam Meckler and Libby Meyer. It is available from the Rozsa Center in the Apple App Store or Google Play. The program is “geotagged” so that the pieces only play while you are at those locations, says Director Mary Jennings. It’s actually even more sophisticated than that.

As you walk the music changes. It won’t change if you are not moving along the trail. I think this is a super innovative way to blend technology, nature (which we have an abundance of here), and the arts. I’m really excited about that project.

Jennings says the idea was one inspired by COVID, and how the Rozsa could still play a part in people’s lives even during a pandemic when gathering together was difficult. However, it will have a role even after the performance center reopens. Two new paths will get compositions for next year and Jennings says she hopes to further customize the current offerings.

Within in the technology there are lots of opportunities to add little bonus tracks that people can discover, if you’re walking a certain trail at a certain time of day.

The Houghton Waterfront Trail provides a different experience for your eyes as the day progresses. Jennings thinks the Listen app should do the same for your ears.

The player requires you to be wearing headphones or Bluetooth earpieces to hear the music. It will not work through the phone’s internal speakers.

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