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Pay bump coming for Baraga County employees

Many Baraga County employees will be getting raises. Last night, the Board of Commissioners approved annual salary increases of $1,200 per year for elected officials and department heads. It’s their first raise in at least three years. Union employees will get a 45 cents per hour boost.

As the county moves to develop its parks, commissioners decided to revamp the longstanding Recreation Committee. The new Parks and Recreation Committee will meet quarterly. Community members are being sought to serve on the committee. Anyone who is interested should contact County Clerk Wendy Goodreau.

The board approved a contract with Tri-County Public Defenders to continue to provide defense attorney services for indigent defendants. The 2021 Equalization Report was accepted. Equalization Director Patrick Osterman reported that there are only minor changes in millage rates. The state equalized value for privately-owned property in Baraga County increased by less than three percent, from $385 million in 2020 to $394 million in 2021.

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