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Petra Huentemeyer Named Michigan Tech’s 2023 Research Award Recipient

Michigan Tech University’s latest Research Award recipient shoots for the stars. Petra Huentemeyer in the last year has become one of Michigan tech’s most often cited authors from the university for her research in experimental astrophysics. Huentemeyer says that she has always been fueled by a passion for curiosity in the unknown parts of the universe, and her path to where she is today has always felt natural. In her graduate and postdoctoral studies she worked on teams involved in several projects including the Milagro Observatory collaboration in New Mexico, and the High-Resolution Fly’s Eye Experiment in Utah. And even had an opportunity to work on the Omni Purpose Apparatus at LEP Experiment at CERN in Geneva Switzerland. Huentemeyer says that she chose to come to Michigan Tech University after hearing about an open position while working at the Milagro Observatory. She said she was excited to come to an institution with a great history of researchers studying physics, citing some colleagues who have pioneered research within experimental particle physics. If you want to learn more about Petra Huentemeyer and her research find a full copy of Michigan Tech’s interview with the award recipient here.

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