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Pier work to continue through winter

Houghton City Manager Eric Waara expects sheet pile driving to continue at the new pier throughout the winter. Much like a road, the freeze and thaw process tends to make the ground, and even the piling itself, shift.

What happens is when they drive it, and they fill it, the piling actually stretches and expands, and all the joints tighten up.

Sheet piling is one method used when excavating near water. The material is laid down in a distinctive cell shape, providing a supportive shell when digging begins underground. It helps to stabilize the soil, which becomes malleable due to the high liquid content of the dirt and clay.

Waara says he has had conversations with Michigan Tech regarding repairs to the dock north of the Lakeshore Center.

It’ll function the way it did previous. They’ll be a walkway through there, but they’re going to do something relatively similar to the pier on both ends of the Lakeshore Center, and in between it’ll be rocks down into the water.

The platform collapsed in late summer. Work is expected to begin in the springtime.

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