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Portage Health Foundation releases Giving Tuesday total

Santa is making an early stop in the Copper Country for several nonprofits.

The Portage Health Foundation is inviting the 22 organizations involved with its Giving Tuesday initiative to collect their checks on Friday. The total is an eyepopping one. Once the $200,000 match from PHF is figured in, it comes to $643,208.76.

The figure represents a record sum, beating last year’s amount by nearly $50,000. In 2020, donations came from 28 states and over 1,200 individuals. A full breakdown is expected to be released on Friday. Givers could contribute to all the organizations taking part or direct it to specific entities. Portage Health Foundation has been diligently ensuring money gets to its intended cause since November 30th, where Giving Tuesday fell on the calendar this year. Falling the week after Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday is a relatively new phenomenon. Participation continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

PHF is happy to help individuals any time to set up endowments to ensure funding for specific causes.

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