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Raise the Woof comedy show Saturday

Comedian Steve Mazan will take the stage at the Orpheum Theatre Saturday night as part of the Raise the Woof comedy series, benefitting rural animal shelters. Mazan says playing in smaller markets allows facilities with a low profile to get much needed fundraising, and it brings him to audiences who are appreciative of the chance to see professional acts. The founder of the tour designed it with that in mind.

He’s from Edmonton. If you live in Edmonton, you’re going to be able to get comedy if you want it, but a couple hours out, you have to drive into [Edmonton]. His idea was, well there’s a lot of shelters that need help out there and they do fundraisers. He kind of put together these two things. Comedy would be great for that and why not bring the comedy to them. Rather than be one of a hundred events in Edmonton that night where they’re trying to raise money, why not go right to the place where it becomes a big event.

Mazan has been to the Copper Country before, and has fond memories. His background includes winning an Emmy writing for Ellen DeGeneres. He has been practicing stand up for 20 years.

Tickets are in short supply. Remaining seats are sold individually for $20 or two for $30. Houghton Community Broadcasting and Superior Block of Houghton ensure talent fees and other costs are taken care of. All proceeds go to the Copper Country Humane Society.

The long weekend will be a big one for animal shelter support. Monday is the Betty White Challenge, recognizing how important charitable efforts for the Humane Society and other organizations were to the late actress. She would have been 100 on January 17th.

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