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Ring of Silence showing tonight

A film about human trafficking, and what it can look like in Michigan, is screening at Hancock Central High School tonight. A reception will start at 5:30 for Ring of Silence and the movie begins at 6:15. Keweenaw Report spoke with Iron River Police Chief Curt Herrington. He says that in addition to the Upper Peninsula Human Trafficking Task Force, various law enforcment agencies have banded together to form the Upper Peninsula Human Oppression Strike Team (UPHOST). Herrington says that people need to understand that human trafficking, coercing others into various activities, does exist locally.

He says that someone can find themselves falling into a bad situation at any age, but children are most at risk. Herrington says careful monitoring of your son or daughter’s cell phone is a necessity.

If your child has a cell phone in the bedroom or the bathroom that is never okay. If you ever as a parent reach for that phone and they pull away, you better snatch that phone from them. There’s something on there that they don’t want you to see. There’s worse on that cell phone than there is at a strip club. Do not worry about kids liking you, be a parent.

Herrington says the old rules still apply, even in a digital age, and any app that is trying to convince your kids otherwise needs to be viewed with suspicion.

Snapchat, Facebook…they cooperate but it takes a long time for us to do search warrants and get that information back from them. There’s an app out there right now called Omegle. Right when you open up that screen to Omegle it says, “Talk to strangers.” What have we been teaching our kids all these years? Don’t talk to strangers, right?

Herrington says local sheriffs and municipal police departments have an open door for victims and are ready to hear their story.

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