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Snow emergency starts soon

Overnight parking on City of Houghton streets and downtown parking facilities is banned from 2:00 to 7:00 beginning on November 1st and continuing until April 30th, 2022. The infraction will set you back $35, but Police Chief John Donnelly says it could be worse. When crews are pressed into action to remove snow, widen streets, or cut down banks, if your vehicle is an impediment to that it will be towed. The city uses Superior Towing and Recovery, and it costs over $100.

Donnelly says there is always an adjustment period.

We have people living in new housing situations because of the students. Maybe they lived in the dorms, they had an apartment, now they move out to a residential neighborhood or they become 21. Everyone is on the move here, and there’s a lot of educational process that needs to take place.

Next weekend, if your vehicle is still parked on the street you may wake up to a reminder note tucked under the wiper blade. It will briefly explain the ordinance and potential penalties you could be subjected to come the start of the enforcement period.

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