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Stanton Township Fire wins FEMA grant

Stanton Township Volunteer Fire Department is getting $24,642 from FEMA as part of the agency’s Fire Prevention and Safety program. Chief Mike Pionke says there is no matching requirement and the money allows for Stanton Fire to o ffer potentially lifesaving technologies to area residents that it could not do otherwise. The requests are for items that they cannot afford to pull out of the normal operational budget.

The grant will help alert people with disabilities that their home is on fire and they need to get out immediately. For those who are deaf, or hard of hearing, and would never notice a blaring smoke alarm, their bed will shake, signaling to them that there is danger.

Pionke says you can even be notified of a problem at your home when you are out and about.

These particular ones will alert the home owner even if they’re not home. We’ve run into problems in the past when there’s been a fire and no one was home to notice, so then nothing happens until someone driving by notices or something like that.

The grant award was announced Thursday by United States Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters.

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