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Stop Trafficking Education Program in L’Anse Tomorrow

Talking about human trafficking can be difficult. However the discussion around the topic help educate the public of what signs to look out for, and resource in the community to contact. Tomorrow evening the Stop Trafficking Project will offer an evening education program in the L’Anse area to discuss what human trafficking is, how it affects communities, and how to protect those at risk of becoming targeted.

Stop Trafficking Project encourages anyone from the community to join the program’s educators. Especially those working in resource professions or are likely to interact with either victims, such as law enforcement officers, medical professionals, councilors, or those that work with children.

The education program will cover topics in human trafficking including vulnerabilities that human traffickers will take advantage of, and ways perpetrators use the internet to manipulate targeted individuals. The education program will take place at the L’Anse Middle School and High School building in the cafeteria beginning at 6 pm.

Find more information here.

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