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Strieter to undergo psychiatric evaluation

Isaiah Strieter’s counsel has requested the 18-year-old defendant be evaluated by a psychiatrist to determine if he should be held responsible for the murder of his mother. Strieter is charged with open homicide after allegedly killing 38-year-old Ashlee Harvey at their Coburntown neighborhood home on January 24th with a firearm. Attorney David Gemignani says the test should cover two different potential legal defenses.

Your Honor, I have reviewed Mr. Strieter’s counseling records, his school records, I have had extensive conversations with Mr. Strieter, and today I am moving to have a forensic examination for both competency and responsibility.

Gemignani’s request was granted by the judge. He gave instructions to Houghton County Prosecutor Brittany Bulleit and Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Gabriel Holmstrom to arrange the evaluation.

Gemignani agreed to waive his client’s right to the 21-day rule, a Michigan requirement that mandates prosecutors be able to show a crime was committed and the defendant is most likely the person responsible under the probable cause standard. If the case makes it before a jury, the onus on the prosecutor rises to beyond a reasonable doubt. The rule is in place to help ensure a speedy trial as guaranteed by the United States and Michigan Constitutions.

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