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Suicide prevention walk happening Saturday

Houghton Keweenaw Communities That Care is organizing a Suicide Prevention Walk for Saturday. Coordinator Lisa Simpson says it isn’t uncommon to get upwards of 150 people to take part in the annual event. It will begin at 10:00 AM at Kestner Waterfront Park, before marching onto the Portage Lake Lift Bridge and returning for a closing ceremony. A guest speaker will also make remarks.

Simpson says the walk is important because suicide is not a topic that is easily brought into the forefront.

The more you bring it out, the more you talk about those things, the more that people are more comfortable going to church, friends, parents. They’ll feel more like they can have that dialogue.

Simpson says that a community is only as strong as its members and its institutions. While we can’t save everyone, a robust support network will go a long ways towards reducing mental health problems, including suicide. Simpson also points out that alcohol and drug issues tend to be tied into the problem as well as people turn to ever more dangerous ways to cure the loneliness that is eating away at them.

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