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The Magnuson Copper Crown Hotel Reopens Doors in Hancock

A staple hotel in Hancock has officially reopened. The Magnuson Copper Crown opened their doors again a few of weeks ago, after shutting down due to the pandemic. It has taken a lot of work and dedication to get the hotel back open, and Magnuson Owners, the Wisti family, knows that they could not have done it without the help from their staff who stuck through it all.

“I mean people are coming up to me and saying, `Congratulations, you open up the Copper Crown.’ I didn’t do it, I mean I was part of it, but obviously we’ve had a great staff that has really contributed. And we could not have done it without them.” – John Wisti, General Manager, Spinner Corporation

“We have a very enthusiastic staff, that we’re very fortunate to have. And all of the wonderful employees we do have, have been a tremendous help.” – Ruth Wisti, Owner Magnuson Copper Crown

The Magnuson Copper Crown open their doors for the first time back in 1967, and they are one of the oldest businesses little operating out of Hancock. John Wisti, says that he hears stories all the time about guests’ and their memories with the hotel. He and his mother Ruth, both believe it is that nostalgia and the familiar feeling of home that keeps bringing guests back.

“We’ve been open since 1967, and when you’re looking at people who were born in maybe like the 70’s or 60’s, many kids in Houghton County have been to the Copper Crown for a pool party at one time. So there’s a bit of nostalgia there. And then we have snowmobilers that want to come here because we have, what we jokingly refer to as our `World Famous Snowmobile Garage’. Where they can take their sleds off their trailers and out them inside our garage, and tinker around.” – John Wisti, General Manager, Spinner Corporation

The Magnuson Copper Crown has built a reliable reputation with the snowmobiling community as well during their storied history. Offering space specifically for sleds in their parking lot. Find out more about the Magnuson Copper Crown online on their website here.

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