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Trunk-or-Treat draws big crowd for Calumet Theatre

Monday was the monthly meeting for the Calumet Theatre Company board, now open to members. President Dan Jamison says there were at least 10 in attendance and he hopes that as word spreads more will show up to weigh in.

Jamison says early in his tenure he wants to return the theatre to a prominent role in the community.

It was treated more like a standard commercial venue. We put on shows, they buy tickets. That’s where the relationship ends.

One of the examples that Jamison used to show how those fledgling efforts are going was Trunk-or-Treat, which took place throughout the village on Saturday. Originally, the theatre was going to be offering carnival games and other kids’ activities from four to six. They kept it open an hour longer than scheduled thanks to the number of people taking part.

We actually ran out of candy. My wife had to go make another candy run. We estimate we had 600 people come across the stage.

Given the mission statement and the number of engagements the theatre is required to participate in, he says it makes sense to try to add smaller attractions and exclusives like musician recording sessions, padded by regular shows, and the occasional attempt to swing for the fences to get someone the caliber of Joe Nichols, for example.

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