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Tulip Bulb Sale Tomorrow In Calumet

Tulips are a vibrant and colorful spring flower that bloom even after the harsh, long winters of the U.P.

Downtown calumet hosts garden beds currently full of them, but are selling the bulbs this weekend to make room for vegetable gardeners. (actuality). 

“Mainstreet Calumet organizes the community garden, and we organize this bulb planting every year. We like to do beautification projects in the downtown, and while we plant these in the fall and then they come up and make a beautiful display for us in the spring, we do have veggie gardeners who rent these beds every summer and they are chomping at the bit of course to get their plants in. So the bulbs have to come out and what we like to do is sell them- they’re two for a dollar. But bring a shovel, maybe some bug spray, and a box, or bag, bucket, something to put those bulbs in.” – Leah Polzine, Executive Director of Mainstreet Calumet

Though tulips are usually planted in the fall, there were confirmations last year that the tulips planted in the spring bloomed again the next year.

All proceeds will go towards beautification projects in Downtown Calumet.

The sale will begin at 10am tomorrow, and will continue until the bulbs are sold out. It will take place at the Community Gardens in the 400 block of Calumet.

Please remember to being your own container, bag or bucket to carry the bulbs. 

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