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Uncertainty surrounds Senior Walk

For decades, everyone knew what the Friday before graduation at Michigan Tech meant for Houghton and Hancock bars. During a pandemic, Senior Walk is far less certain. Houghton Police Chief says his department is preparing for a quiet edition of the rowdy tradition.

It was very crowded at one time. There would be a line outside of every bar and the bars were full to capacity. That just doesn’t seem like it’s going to work this year.

With bars still subject to 50 percent attendance caps, that is sure to alter the overall experience. It also has at least one downtown establishment taking preemptive safety measures. The Douglass House Saloon will be closing at 9 PM Friday. Robert “Bubba” Megowan says that once the sun goes down, it is harder for staff to enforce the new rules.

9 o’clock, we feel it will be hard to maintain social distancing of the students, but up until then we feel good.

Megowan says he does not know if other bars will institute a similar policy. Elderly residents live in apartments throughout the rest of the building, making the situation faced by the “Doghouse” different from other structures. It was converted from a hotel in 1984.

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