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Washington Hopes to Limit the Cost of Insulin

Legislation to cap the price of insulin moves onto the u-s senate. The affordable insulin now act would cut the cost of insulin for patients across the country down to $35 a month. Just over 11 percent of the U-S population lives with diabetes, in Michigan about 9.8% of residents are affected by the disease. Those with type one diabetes need insulin injections every day. Patients have watched the cost of their life saving drug increase exponentially for years. Congress hopes a cap will bring down the amount Americans spend on the medicine annually to around $470, according to analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Last week the bill passed through the House of Representatives with a vote of 232 to 193. 12 republicans voted in favor of the bill, along with the entirety of the Democratic Party. Of the 193 republicans to say no to the bill was Michigan 1st District Representative Jack Bergman. We reached out to Congressman Bergman for a statement, to which his office declined.  

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