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Adams Township Approves New Zoning Ordinance

Adams Township board was presented last night with their planning commission draft of their zoning ordinance. And with the unanimous support of the room, the township accepted the new proposed zoning which splits the township into six new categories; agricultural, commercial, forest district, recreation, residential, and rural residential. The ordinance is only 7 pages long and does not restrict individual’s right to the use their property how they see fit, like having chickens or growing vegetable gardens.

 The land use zoning refers to the six new definitions for how land is used. The land use ordinance is a win for the township as they move forward in their dealings with Circle Power and the Scotia Wind Farm. Circle Power Vice President, Chris Moore, has suggested that the township has moved too quickly and taken months to complete what most towns take years to do.

The township’s zoning has been an option for Adams since well before Circle Power became aware of the wind potential in the area. As Adams Township’s master plan is pulled directly from the county’s own. Once that master plan had been accepted back around 2008, Adams has been able to propose zoning, but as the planning commission had not meet regularly over the 2010’s. Zoning did not seem to be a high priority until Circle Power came to the area. The new zoning will go a long way to help Adams Township control how the Scotia Wind Farm develops and control the land that residents feel so passionately about.

Link to the Draft for new zoning

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