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August 3rd Millage Renewal in Houghton County, and Others Municipalities

It is often said that change begins at the local level. And on August 3rd, 2021 Houghton County will be holding a millage renewal election. There will be four municipalities that have renewals up for election as well. These mileages range from funding for Canal View to updating hydrant systems.

The millage for the Houghton County Medical Center, more often called Canal View, will be up for renewal. This millage ballot language may confuse some voters, as it states that there will be an increase to the millage. But in reality the millage rate will be decreased to 2.25 mills ($2.25 per $1,000 of taxable valuation) from 2022-25. Previously the millage was rated at 2.55310 mills.

The language is going to be a little bit confusing to some voters. It says it is an increase, it is an actual decrease. Canal View homes many of our local residents and we are really lucky to have Canal View in Houghton County. – Jennifer Kelly, Houghton County Clerk

In the city of Hancock there have been a number of projects and updates to the city’s park system. And during the past five years this millage has raised nearly $420,000 in revenue. Which the city has turned around and turned into nearly $1,000,000 in value through applying for park grants. This millage renewal would raise the millage rate to 0.80 mills from 2022-26

It is a renewal of 0.80 mills, that we’ve received for the past five years. With the recreation millage we’ve been able to accomplish nearly a million dollars in recreation equipment and projects in the city of Hancock. – Deborah Mann, DDA Coordinator

Torch Lake Township’s ballot will contain a millage of 2 mills. And those funds will go toward finding a new fire truck, and equipment for the Hubbell Fire Department, who provides fire prevention and safety for Torch Lake Township. These funds will also go toward maintaining hydrant lines through to township. This millage renewal will last for 10 years, from 2021-2030.

We’re asking for a renewal of 2 mill levy for the Torch Lake Township-Hubbell fire district for a period of ten years. It is used to purchase fire equipment, fund any improvements to the fire station, and keep our hydrant lines intact and repaired. – Brian Cadwell, Torch Lake Township Supervisor

The Village of Calumet’s millage ballot will renew a rate of 3 mills for a period of five years, from 2022-26. These funds will go into general operation and maintenance of snow removal. As well as go toward maintaining a police presence of some kind in the village. The village board has yet to decide what form that presence will take.

In fact if you were to look at our budget, youd see nearly half of it goes toward snow removal. This money would allow us to do routine street maintenance, do snow removal, replace snow removal equipment in the village, as well as provide police services. – Dave Geisler, Temporary Village Manager

The Village of Laurium’s millage renewal will be at a rate of 2.5 mills, an increase by 0.0995 mills from the previous five years. From 2022-26 this rate will provide funds exclusively for upgrading equipment for the Department of Public Works.

It is a renewal only, it is to be used in purchase and upgrading of any DPW equipment. Two of our dump trucks are 1995 models, and the other two are 200 models. In Definite need of upgrading – Ed Vertin, Village Supervisor

So get out to vote in your local elections, no matter how small or big the circumstances may seem. Voting is a right to be held by all citizens and it is our duty to participate, especially at the local level.

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