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Baba Babee Skazala: Grandmother told Grandmother Screening Tomorrow Night at the Rozsa Center

Baba Babee Skazala roughly translates to grandmother told grandmother. It is the title of a documentary film, directed by Matej Silecky, that tells the little known story of Ukrainian children torn from their homes, caught between the clash of Nazi and Soviet troops during World War II. Children, who then spent their childhoods as refugees, and immigrated to the United States. The film interviews 35 survivors, and includes historical context commentary from Rutgers Political Science Professor and history expert, Dr. Alexander Motyl.

We thought it appropriate to show this film now as it mirrors what is happening right now in Ukraine. In addition to that we are having a silent art auction to raise money for two things; One, we are trying to raise money for a vehicle for a chaplain in Ukraine, who recently lost one of their emergency vehicles. And we are also raising money for Razom in Detroit. And that would be going directly to purchasing med-packs. – Nadija Packauskas, Co-Founder of Yoopers for Ukraine

Baba Babee Skazala is one of the films that will screen at Yoopers for Ukraine’s Gala night tomorrow. The film premiered in 2018 at the 37th New Jersey International Film Festival, and was nominated for best documentary feature at the Festival of Cinema NYC 2019. The other film is Odesa Photo Days Festival video, 52 Days of War, which complies photos form the current Russian invasion in Ukraine by 52 separate photographers. Tomorrow night will be the first time the short film is screened in the United States. Adult tickets are 30 dollars, and 10 for students. Doors open at the Rozsa Center at 5:30 pm. The silent art auction will be followed by the film screenings, at 6:30 pm.

Learn more about Razom here.

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Purchase tickets here.

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