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Be Smart, Be Safe and Be Seen

AAA Michigan has begun a statewide effort to ‘Be Smart, Be Safe, and Be Seen’ this Halloween. The campaign, according to spokesperson Susan Hiltz, is a cooperative effort targeted at motorists, parents, adults and trick-or-treaters on what is considered to be one of the most deadly nights of the year for pedestrians and motorists. Hiltz says one big concern is a higher risk of drivers who are unaware of pedestrians darting in-and-out of traffic and drunk drivers, since it is a Friday night when parties and other celebrations occur. National statistics show 48-percent of all vehicle crashes on Halloween night in 2012 involved a drunk driver. Meantime, parents and adults are urged to be vigilant and closely supervise children age 12 and under, and for “Trick or Treaters” to wear costumes that are flame retardant, reflective and very visible.

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