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Benishek To Head Invasive Species Caucus

Congressman Dan Benishek will co-chair a committee to look into the problem of invasive species around the country.

The Congressional Invasive Species Caucus will instruct members of Congress about the economic and environmental damage of invasive species, and come up with solutions to the environmental challenges that result from their spread.

The caucus is Co-chaired by Representative Mike Thompson of California.

As someone familiar with fishing in Northern Michigan, Benishek says he has seen the damage done by invasive species, especially invasive phragmites and zebra mussels.   He says they are working to try and prevent the spread of Asian Carp.

Invasive species threaten communities by devastating native habitat, damaging crops, clogging water pipes, infecting plants and animals with dangerous diseases, or outcompeting native species.

These impacts can lower crop yields, pose health hazards, irreparably damage natural environments, and take a severe toll on local, state, and federal budgets.

The Caucus plans to begin holding meetings and developing their legislative agenda in the coming months.

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