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Brick Work Board Game Kickstarter Launch

Madison, WI – September 15, 2015. CMX Games launches the Kickstarter campaign for Brick Work, the quick brick building, dice rolling, worker placement game.

Brick Work combines creativity with puzzle solving and modern game mechanisms. It’s easy to learn, surprisingly deep, and perfect for both gamers and families.

At the beginning of the game, each player builds a “brickprint” using randomly selected yellow bricks. The first player to recreate both brickprints using bricks of their color, red or blue, is the winner!

During the game, players take turns by choosing one die from a shared pool and placing it onto an action space on the board to collect bricks of their color, connect bricks in their collection, or manipulate future die rolls.

Which bricks do you need, how should you connect them, and what is the best use of the dice available to you?

The pips on the dice relate directly to the pips on the bricks. For example, place a die with 2 pips to collect a brick with 2 pips or place a die with 5 pips to connect 5 pips using the bricks that you’ve collected.

You can also “bump” a die off an occupied action space, extending the round by one turn. By choosing when to bump, and when not to, you may be able to eke out a few extra actions over the course of the game.

Brick Work is a board game for 2 players ages 9 plus and takes between 15 and 30 minutes to play.

Brick Work includes 1 game board, 2 player cards (1 red and 1 blue), 68 KAZI building bricks (20 yellow, 21 red, 21 blue, and 6 black for +/- tokens), 4 yellow six-sided dice, 6 advanced rule cards, and 1 rulebook.

For more information, visit the CMX Games website at http://www.cmxgames.com.

About CMX Games

CMX Games is a board game design and publishing company founded by Yoopers and inspired by strategy, luck, and fun. CMX Games successfully funded the Copper Country board game on Kickstarter in 2014. Copper Country shipped to backers and retailers worldwide earlier this year. Brick Work is the second board game and Kickstarter campaign from CMX Games.

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