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CCW Law Changes Vetoed

Governor Rick Snyder has vetoed two bills that would substantially change the state’s process for issuing a license to carry a concealed weapon.

Snyder says the measures include some reforms he supports, but include changes that might inadvertently increase the risk of violence and intimidation faced by domestic abuse victims who seek court protection.

One of the bills would have allowed a person who is the subject of a personal protection order to obtain a concealed pistol license. Under current law, no person who is subject to such an order may obtain such a license.

Snyder says he wants to work with the Legislature on new bills that could make the necessary changes without putting domestic abuse victims at risk.

The bills, sponsored by state Senator Mike Green, also would have eliminated the 83-county level boards for issuing concealed pistol licenses and hand the administrative functions over to the Michigan State Police and county clerks.

Green had said the measures would merely make various state laws uniform.

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