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Clean-Up Continues – Updated List of Needed Supplies

The massive clean-up from the Father’s Day Flood continues across the Copper Country.

Volunteers are needed again today for a variety of jobs, including cleaning out flooded homes and buildings. Check in at the Volunteer Center at Evangel Baptist Church on College Avenue in Houghton.

Officials heading up the recovery effort released an updated list of needed items late Saturday. They DO NOT need clothing or water at this time. They DO NOT need food (except as listed below). They DO need:
– Dehumidifiers (Dee Stadium, Volunteer Resource Center, Hubbell Fire Department, Calumet Colosseum)
– Squeegees (Dee Stadium, Volunteer Resource Center, Hubbell Fire Department)
– Face masks (Dee Stadium, Calumet Colosseum)
– Fans (Dee Stadium, Volunteer Resource Center)
– Wheelbarrows (Dee Stadium, Volunteer Resource Center)
– Metal Rakes (Dee Stadium, Volunteer Resource Center)
– Gatorade (Volunteer Resource Center, Calumet Colosseum) – please purchase the small, 12-ounce bottles, and not the larger bottles.
– General Cleaning Supplies (Hubbell Fire Department, Calumet Colosseum)
– Large Rubbermaid trash bins (Volunteer Resource Center)
– Contractor Bags (Volunteer Resource Center)
– Utility Knives (Volunteer Resource Center)
– Shovels (Volunteer Resource Center)
– Tools (Volunteer Resource Center)
– Mops (Volunteer Resource Center)
– Five-Gallon Buckets (Volunteer Resource Center)
– Sun Screen (Volunteer Resource Center)
– Bug Spray (Volunteer Resource Center)
– Hand Wipes & Sanitizers (Volunteer Resource Center)
– Work Gloves (Volunteer Resource Center)
– Damp Aid (Hubbell Fire Department)
– Ice (Hubbell Fire Department)
– Duct Tape (Dee Stadium)
– Eye protection (Dee Stadium)
– First Aid Kits (Dee Stadium)
– Hose Splitters (Dee Stadium)
– Garden Hoses (Calumet Colosseum)
– Long Sleeve Kitchen Rubber Gloves (Dee Stadium)
– Pick Axes (Dee Stadium)
– Pry Bars and Crow Bars (Dee Stadium)
– Rubber Boots (Dee Stadium)
– Shop Vac (Dee Stadium)
– Spray Bottles (Dee Stadium)
– Hard Hats (Dee Stadium)
– Flash Lights (Calumet Colosseum)
– Carpet cleaner (Calumet Colosseum)
– Sump Pumps (Calumet Colosseum)
– Snacks – Individually Wrapped Portions (Calumet Colosseum)
– Paper towels (Calumet Colosseum)

Please bring donations to one of the designated centers. All contributions must be recorded by emergency authorities, as part of our effort to obtain FEMA assistance.

If you are a flood victim and need food, clothing, personal hygiene supplies, pet food and supplies, or other merchandise, visit Dee Stadium or the Colosseum. If you cannot travel, or have an immediate need, dial 2-1-1.

See the latest information on all aspects of the clean-up on our Recovery Page.

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