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Consensus building around vaccine-myocarditis link

The United States Food and Drug Administration is slapping a new warning label on the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines for children and young adults. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention working group last week said that the shots are likely linked to a surge in myocarditis cases, particularly men ages 12-24.

A vast majority of the conditions develop within days of the second dose for the mRNA vaccines and are happening at as much as 200x the expected rate.

The CDC Director tweeted out that the age group should still get the shots, but there continues to be debate around the subject.

At Tech’s latest COVID-19 monthly town hall Summer Youth Program Director Cassy Tefft de Munoz said that most of the kids taking part this year have been vaccinated.

Right the overall vaccination for students in our program is over 65 percent, and that’s actually higher than the state average overall.

Keweenaw Report reached out about if there had been any incidents involving that age cohort, ages 12-17, particularly as some kids had received the second shot after starting in the program. No information can be released due to privacy reasons. The current estimate from Israel’s Health Ministry is up to 1 in 3,000 are affected, common for a medical issue, but unlikely to crop up in a local program. American officials cite a lower rate, but are basing their numbers off a voluntary reporting system.

The CDC did not offer an explanation for why the vaccines are causing myocarditis, nor did they suggest that any research on the matter was imminent.

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