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Copper Island Academy Enrollment Days Coming Up

One of the main features to Copper Island Academy is their brain breaks, students take throughout the school day. Principal Steve Aho says that the school has seen immense improvement in their students’ attentiveness in class. And part of that is thanks to student’s ability to take a break from learning during school, allowing their brain to rest from time to time.

“Literally when that time comes up, the whistle blows, and they’re up and running off the playground, back into class. And teachers are able to get them back on track right away. They’re focused. They are able to remember and retain information. And they’re like, Wow, that’s over. It’s brain break again.” – Copper Island Academy Principal, Steve Aho

The Finnish education model is integral to the education system that the copper island academy has started. The charter school is working closely with Central Michigan University, a premiere education school in the nation, and the Michigan Department of Education to evaluate the progress the school and their students are making. Re-enrollment for the charter school is coming up, and Aho says there are a couple of sates to keep in mind for parents that want to see their child grow.

“And We’re gonna have a couple of days. Tuesday, February 22nd, from 4 to 6 in the evening. If someone can’t come during the typical work day. We will have someone be there to help somebody out with applications.” – Principal, Steve Aho

Applications can also be found online at copperislandacademy.org. In person enrollment dates at the school are February 22nd and the 26th. If you have questions about the application process, please contact the school directly at 906 -370-1190.

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