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Counterfeit Money Passed at Hancock Gas Station

POLICEPolice in Hancock are investigating a potential counterfeit money scam. Police say two men entered the Holiday Station in Hancock shortly before 8 a.m. yesterday and attempted to use two $20 bills for purchase. The first man made a small purchase and asked for change for his other $20 bill, but the cashier refused. The second man bought $15 worth of goods using the other $20 bill. Both bills were later found to be counterfeit. Police say the two suspects were African-American, with one being significantly taller than the other. They claimed to be snowmobilers from out of town but weren’t in possesion of any snowmobiles. Police are investigating if this had any connection with a $50 bill used at a Munising gas station the day before. If you have any information regarding either incident, contact the Hancock police.

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