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Dial Help Using Follow-Ups To Help More People

Dial Help in Houghton is there to aid someone on the line in a crisis, and now they are reaching out to help even further.

People can reach a councilor on the telephone, text or even through instant messaging as part of their Crisis Intervention program.

Now when a patient is treated for a situation in which a medical personnel may see the need, information about Dial Help’s Follow-Up program can be shared.

Prevention Educator Kevin Weir says this can lead to that person getting the help they need.

If the person agrees, Dial Help will contact the individual to help them along.

In addition to these programs, Dial Help also offers substance abuse services and victim services, as well as educational and preventative programs.

You can contact Dial Help during a crisis by calling 482-HELP, or texting 906-35-NEEDS, and you can Instant Message them through their website, www.dialhelp.org.

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