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Dianda’s Bill Vetoed

While some bills were approved, many were vetoed including one bill sponsored by Representative Scott Dianda. The bill was looking to remove the prohibition on prorating licensing and transfer fees associated with liquor licenses. It was approved by both the state House and Senate but Governor Rick Snyder shot it down. Dianda says he is extremely disappointed with the decision, that would have brought fairness to an issue that worked against small businesses. Currently, those businesses who receive a liquor license in January are paying the same amount in fees in April, thus paying double in a year simply because they received their liquor license before the yearly April expiration date. Dianda says this is an expense that many can’t afford and it will deter small businesses from growing in Michigan. He adds that he will continue to work on the bill in his next term. Representative Dianda will also be a guest on this weekend’s edition of Copper Country Today.

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